Kelly Slouchy Beanie

Hello, I am happy that you’ve found me and hope you will find this blog both interesting and informative. This is a brief introduction that will explain a little bit about my intentions for a positive and creative space. I’m here to share my creative journey through the crochet patterns I’ve found and used most often, as well as ones I’ve created myself. I also want to share on my experiences with photography, digital art and whatever else comes to mind with other creative expression I discover. I am learning about blogging so this is an adventure for me, one I am excited about.

My parents both taught me the importance of having a creative outlet to stretch beyond the normal grind of our everyday professions. As a child my life experiences found me dabbling in mixed media arts, music, photography and writing. These were perfect outlets for an outcast who was sometimes subject to bullying. I witnessed how music transformed my Dad into a happy vibrant man released from his hard work in construction for a few hours. I also saw how focused my Mom would be and how much care she put into the gifts she crocheted for family and friends. She taught me my crochet basics.

I hope that all of you who find your way to these pages find some kind of inspiration to thrive in your creativity whatever that may be. I am not a crochet instructor, and while I do sell some of my projects I have not fully set up my Etsy shop. I will probably discuss my experiences with this as well.