While working on putting my blog together, I’d like to share my current crochet project. I am working on a black slouchy beanie with red, gold, and green accents on the band. My husband is a musician and plays mostly reggae music and asked me to make him a hat with thin stripes. He’s been wearing it around for over a year now to tuck away his blooming dreadlocks. He can’t wear it out without someone telling him they love his hat. One gentleman asked if I could make him one, so this current project is a commissioned piece.

I have anxiety about commission work. I might prefer creating the project and then putting it out there for sale. Other people have complained about customers who want to make changes several times or not being happy about the final product. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts and experiences on commission versus building up an inventory.

The slouchy beanie pattern I use is like a tam, which is why people with long hair or dreadlocks seem to like it. I found it on a blog called Crochet Spot, founded by Rachel Choi. I used most of the pattern as written but modified the band to create the stripe effects.

At rows 18-19, instead of two double crochet rows, I did five rows of single crochet, changing colors with the three middle rows. The single crochet makes for a subtle and attractive accented band. The pattern URL is https://www.crochetspot.com/free-crochet-pattern-slouchy-beanie/. For this project, I used Caron Simply Soft yarn and the recommended hook size for adult hats. I will add a picture as soon as the beanie is complete.