My last post was about my current crochet project, the slouchy beanie. I am not sure about how anyone else is, but I find it hard to remember the little things if too much time passes between creating projects. In this instance, it was how to change colors working in the round. The back of my beanie looks terrible, and I will have to take out all of my single crochet rows and start again. I was tying the ends of each color together when I should have been doing it a different way.

After a quick google search, one of the results was a short tutorial that may help correct this issue. I found it here at Maloo Knits, owned by a lady named Lou. She is a self-proclaimed newbie regarding both knit and crochet.

The reason for this disastrous color join is that it was too long since I’ve worked on a beanie. And even longer since I worked on something with color changes. I tend to get on kicks of certain types of projects. For instance, I’ll create different styles of coasters for a while, then switch to purses. My memory isn’t what it used to be, so my thoughts are traveling in the direction of switching up the types of projects I do. Maybe the consistent change will help me remember what I learned from each project.