Besides yarn crafts, two other interests I have are photography and digital art. One primary form of digital art that I enjoy is creating phone wallpapers. When I’ve grown tired of using family and pet photos as wallpapers, I decided to make my own up. The available choices that come with the phone are nice. However, I like to change things up. There are free wallpapers available, but it seems like all the ones I like have a price. Why not make and sell your own?

I use a program called PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2019 to create my wallpapers. Sometimes I use existing photos and turn them into unique wallpapers using the effects, options, paintbrushes, and other tools. Creating wallpapers like these is not difficult. When I am creating the wallpapers, there is giddy happiness when I produce one I especially like. If you do use PaintShop or decide to get it, The Corel Discovery Center has tutorials to guide you along.

My ChocCherry Wallpaper