So given that it’s been over a year since I’ve made a beanie, the overall result pleases me. Because I have many squirrels (an Up! reference), it takes me longer than usual to get to the finished result. I like the way Caron Simply soft feels and how the beanie is floppy instead of other acrylic yarn brands’ stiffness. What I do not like about Caron Simply Soft is that it is kind of slippery and the thread strands separate sometimes. It’s a difficult yarn to work with. Any suggestions on working with yarns that are like this please comment in this post. Also, I welcome any suggestions on soft yarns that don’t separate in worsted or 4 weight.

The finished beanie was a good fit for both my husband’s and mine heads. Again, this yarn is so soft it’s floppy. As I’ve stated in a previous post, the beanie gets numerous compliments each time my husband wears it out. The commissioned beanie calls for a different yellow instead of the gold, so I need to look out for the yarn. I hope it hasn’t been discontinued.

This is the view from the back where I had trouble switching colors.