I love browsing patterns at other peoples’ blogs and websites. Mainly because while I’ve made my patterns loosely based on the originals, I don’t have enough experience to make up things from scratch – aside from scarves and maybe coasters. I’ve always been intimidated by what seems to me rather advanced, that is amigurumi and clothing.

When my granddaughter was born I did what most yarn crafters would do and crocheted a baby blanket. She lives in SD with her mother and circumstances beyond me have so far prevented me to see her (I hate you pandemic and her parent’s separation). I also made her a toddler blanket even though she was too young for it yet. However, there are only so many blankets you can make a young person.

More often than not I find myself cruising websites for patterns. The most compelling ones I find are amigurumi animals and dolls and I think to myself, “Oh, wouldn’t she just love that!”. I am terrible with sewing so the thought of working on all the pieces than trying to embroider on eyes, ears, and noses just intimidates the heck out of me. I fear that my appendages would fall apart, disappointing my little sunshine.

This morning I was browsing blogs and one caught my attention immediately. The post is titled; June, the amigurumi doll. June is a beautiful little doll and was created by the owner of the blog called The Creative Pixie. I want to crochet one for my dear granddaughter so much. I think it’s going to take a lot of tutorials on amigurumi and sewing. Maybe it will also help me to finish piecing the granny square blanket I started last year. I made a comment on the site about how difficult it looked, and was reassured by the site owner Jean that it was all basic stitches. The pattern is available for sale in her Etsy shop, I may try something that seems simpler before I feel confident to take this one.