Well, my client emailed me back saying he still wants the beanie despite the color differences in the gold/yellow yarn. I’ve made two beanies each with a different brand of yarn. For the first beanie, I used Caron Simply Soft yarn. With the other, I used Herrschner’s Worsted 8 yarn.

The Caron yarn was harder to work with than the Herrshner’s. My husband speculates that my client is going to choose the Caron beanie. I am not sure about that because the Herrshner’s beanie is soft, just slightly stiffer. Yet this small amount of stiffness may equate to the idea that it is also more durable.

The other thing about the Herrschner’s beanie that may sway how he decides is that the Herrscher’s beanie uses a softer gold more closely tied to my husband’s beanie. This whole experience with a commissioned project has been exciting, from the yarn shopping to creating something I haven’t made in over a year, to communication with the client on how to proceed after the exact colors were not available. I may make this beanie available on a custom-made basis on Etsy.