I love my husband. He’s the first man in my life to give me constructive criticism in a very gentle way while presenting fresh ideas for projects. His suggestion resulted in four animal-themed phone wallpapers, and feedback on two grunge-themed ones that made them turn out for the better.

It’s amazing how my husband’s input improves my finished projects, while his ideas spur some of my own that lead me inspired and more productive. I don’t know about you but no comments or likes on my work will leave me discouraged and less likely to keep working.

Isn’t it surprising what a difference having someone there who supports what you do is from working alone? Feedback and comments from friends, family, and blog or store followers help us grow and improve. Right now to show my appreciation to the people who like my work and favorite something in my shop, I am offering 15% off your order. If you are interested, visit my shop and favorite one item or more.

Here are some of my latest phone wallpapers. If you would like to purchase one, use the link above for the 15% off.