It was a rough day early last week. My husband and I are food delivery drivers. There are good months and bad months. I’m very stressed right now because gas has gone up right now by over one dollar a gallon and we fill the tank every other day. It’s about 90 to 100 dollars a week. The service we work for only pays three dollars base pay per order. We are not paid an hourly wage. Lately, we are being bombarded by non-tippers.

The other day we only made an average of eight dollars an hour, driving on just base pay and very low to no tips. I can understand someone not tipping if they only order one sandwich from a fast-food restaurant and live less than three miles away. I also understand that sometimes single moms have three excited children bouncing off the walls and barely getting by not tipping as long as it’s a reasonable distance as well.

People don’t understand how hard it is to deliver. The roads are hazardous with traffic or bad weather most of the time. The streets in my town do not have many street lights because it is not a huge city. Take a moment sometime when your driving through residences that are not all ticky tacky houses and observe the house numbers. Some aren’t marked at all. Try doing it at night.

We’ve had to deliver on dirt roads. In a 2009 Sentra, our struts started leaking. We’ve had so many nails and screws in our tires that our tire guys regret selling us the protection program, but even then we have to pay for the mount if it’s salvageable with a patch. How would your vehicle hold up driving 100+ miles a day? These are stressful factors in this job.

Which despite my evening, I still enjoy it because as I’ve mentioned once before in a previous post there’s always a new adventure waiting each day. Today it was an overdramatic texting tirade after I flipped a customer off. I contacted her via text when I saw that she didn’t tip, ordered nearly forty dollars worth of food, and lived 6 miles from the restaurant (this doesn’t count the drive to the restaurant on the other end of town). I asked her if she was going to tip and she replied yes. The instructions were to leave it at the door.

She didn’t tip when I closed the order in our app, and she didn’t leave cash in an envelope on the door. Because we already had so many low/no tips this day I lost my mind and flipped her off when she was looking out the window. Yes, I wanted her to see it. It turned into a texting argument where she was abusive and calling me names.

I mentioned a few of the reasons why she should have tipped. She said it was my job. I told her that driver’s tips were not included in the delivery fees. She texted that she couldn’t read. That was the end of it. I didn’t want to know what she couldn’t read. I know that when she reports me like she said she would they are going to see that she said she would tip, and the awful things she said. I didn’t call her anything. My husband knows a couple of other drivers who have flipped the bird at non-tipping clients.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed in myself right now. I can’t expect the whole world to be courteous, generous, or kind. I was not courteous today with this particular client. I guess when you first start to get frustrated you gotta ask yourself “What would Jesus do”, right? He forgave me even though I didn’t ask him to right away. Our shift ended very well in the end because we finally got some decent orders. It probably was his way of reminding me to keep the faith. If you are still here, thank you for letting me vent and lending a supportive ear.