Easter was a day to reflect upon how much we’ve all been given through one selfless act thousands of years ago. The gift he gave us was enormous, and it is not a time to take that for granted considering the crazy events that have been happening with pandemics, politics, senseless shootings, and weather. I know that sometimes it seems that the world is ending, but historically these events happen throughout time. We’re just more connected by way of communication devices, the internet, and the media.

It was a rather quiet day in this household, we are believers just not churchgoers so I took the time to pray then clean our house and try and make it respectable for company tomorrow. I was feeling grateful for the gifts he’s given us lately. We had to replace the old car with a newer one. More debt but we were able to make the payments at least, and we are much safer. He’s taking care of us. Providing us with busy days where we make a suitable income. Our health has been good throughout the pandemic. Our relationship is still strong and we enjoy our time together, it wasn’t just fate that we met, it was him that brought us together. I feel so blessed.