So sleep finally came this afternoon and I have a “sleep hangover”. It’s that persistent groggy feeling you get sometimes after you wake up. Most of the time sleep hangovers come when you’ve slept too much, others too little. The truth is that you can get a sleep hangover with any session of slumber. I get them a lot around this time of year because I tend to go a day without sleeping, aside from a half to an hour power nap here or there. My ups and downs tend to be seasonal it seems. I’m sure a few of you know what this is like.

This week I’ve been working on three phone wallpapers. For the Easter holiday, I made three crosses that came from different modes of my emotional connection to the holiday. The first cross was inspired by an intellectual spiritual connection, the peace found in getting to know the scriptures more by letting my adult son read them to me on the phone. The light watercolor effect used lends an almost ethereal feel to this one.

The second cross provoked a feeling of strength and growth as I’ve started to observe my Son seeking solace and guidance from the Bible. He has learning disabilities and does not care for reading, but you would hardly know it sometimes when he reads to me over the phone. The rich and vibrant colors in this one and the picture kind of look like a shield, so there is a protective air to it as well, as He protects us.

The third cross is meant to be fun and reminds one of dyed Easter eggs (not the egg shapes but the colors). I like the bright and festive tones for this one. This one represents the joy and youthfulness eternal, and hope. Just the positivity of the world around me as Spring rolls into place.