A couple of weeks or so ago, I had a stent where I was not getting a lot of sleep and was kind of manic. This happens from time to time. This condition is usually seasonal where crazy multitasking frantic me gets a lot of work done, and then I completely crash. This results in an interval where I sleep a lot to catch up and refuel. Then I feel guilty for not being productive enough. When I get to the point where I haven’t had much sleep in several days, I start making stupid mistakes. This time around, I washed two beanies with some purses that had straps that tangled and tore one beanie. I mentioned this in a previous post. There was also some lint in the washing machine, and my beanies were ruined. Back to square one and making new beanies. The first beanie redo is completed, and I am a little over halfway done with the second one. On the one hand, working in the round was troublesome to accomplish – I had to backtrack a lot. On the other, I am improving upon this now with the extra practice. I will create more beanies in between projects so that I don’t lose what I have learned. I am so excited about showing you the new beanies when they’re finally completed in a side-by-side comparison photo. I’m also anticipating seeing my client and finally getting to know which one of the two he chooses. My husband thinks it will be one beanie, and I might agree with him if not for the merits of the other beanie I made. The difference in the beanies comes in the type of yarn used and slight color variations. The size or shape of the project itself hasn’t changed. They are from the same pattern and the same weight yarn. I will be glad when the day comes that I find a good balance between my regular job and my creative endeavors. Wondering how many other individuals out there have experienced my dilemma. How many of you fall into the seasonally manic category?