With a big growl of frustration, I realized my beanie was smaller than it should be. So I recounted the rows only to discover that I was one row short on the beanie. I considered leaving it and just finishing it as it is. I also considered throwing it in the litter box and scooping it out with the kitty ca-ca. After all, I used a row counter and counted the rows three times before proceeding with the decrease and brim sections. I’m going to pull out four rows to correct the mistake.

As tempting as the litter box option is, I like to finish things off right. I am reluctant to bring myself to toss out something in which I invested so much time and concentration. You definitely would not know I have been crocheting off and on since the age of 13. My attention span has deteriorated further than how borderline level it used to be.

One good thing is the stitch markers worked just right for making the stitches fall into the right count. I only made a few mistakes in that aspect. What’s most frustrating is this is my fourth beanie to date. The most confounding angle of this dilemma is that a simple project like this would only take a couple of hours.

I wonder if it’s my medications. I noticed from the start that certain ones make it hard to focus on projects and tasks. There could be another health issue going on. I am grateful that I have the patience to step away from all the fiascos, then return to bring things to a satisfying crafted finished work. Considering the factors hindering progress and turning a two-hour project into days,

I may set timers or alarms when I sit down to work and only let myself up for emergencies. In college, I used to create schedules to ensure I made enough time to get assignments completed. I have a pretty spontaneous life, considering my line of work and my skewered sleep patterns. Suggestions are cherished to see how all you fellow crafters find focus and wise use of time, so please comment with your experiences and solutions.