I completed six new phone wallpapers this week that I am ready to share. There is a lot of work involved with getting a wallpaper ready for an Etsy listing, especially when you try to edit or create listings for 20 of them. Fourteen of them were previous listings that needed an edit – while the others were the six most recently created as new listings. So now I present the latest works that burst out of my brain in a spurt of creativity. 

No 1 The Tiger

My husband (B) wanted a tiger. Last year we adopted a tiny tabby kitten and named him Reese. His nickname soon became Tiger Sparky Silly-Butt. When B suggested animal prints as a wallpaper subject when I had a lull in ideas, he kept asking me for a tiger. I wanted it to be vibrant. The effects I used had the colors turn out to be somewhat intense. 

No 2 Frworks

This one was in part inspired by some ceremony I saw on television which had fireworks. I also had a tool in my creative program that had a fireworks effect. I may create more like this, or some space/universe ones. Space and universe wallpapers are popular.

No 3 Guitar 01 and No 4 Blue Guitar

There is a lot of music in my life right now. B and his friend have been collaborating on some music right now. His friend comes by every Monday to work on their songs. While they primarily work with drums and keyboards, my favorite instrument is the guitar. They both want me to create an Album cover for the completed works. The feelings I have for that are exciting yet intimidating. 

No 5 Dragonfly 01 and Dragonfly02

I like dragonflies because they represent change and transformation. I got a dragonfly tattoo with a friend when I moved out of state. We grew apart and haven’t spoken in several years now. I suppose transformation and change can send people in different directions. These wallpapers make me happy and stirred up good memories. 

Well, all of these new phone wallpapers, along with previous ones, can be purchased on my Etsy Shop.  They are $1.25 each and if you favorite an item you like, Etsy will produce a coupon code for 15% off. Take advantage of this sale while it lasts!