After hours turning into days evolving to weeks, I have completed the beanies. You may have followed along with my posts of woes. Thank you for letting me vent and being patient. I hope maybe you are laughing at me a little now and that I will look back and laugh later.

I have to tell you that the Caron Simply Soft fuzzed at the crown without washing, so I don’t know what wrong. The beanie worked in the Herrschners Worsted 8 came out a little bulkier ànd is a little stiff. The worsted 8 seems to be more durable. Because of this, I made another one using the white yarn instead of the black.

I started the white beanie at three in the morning. The stitch count was spot on, and my pace was smooth with even tension. Most of the way through row four, I noticed a big loop sticking out from the first or second rows. The oversight cost 40 minutes. Aside from that, I only had to go back and redo a few stitches. The beanie was finished by ten at night. Maybe the struggles of the first four projects finally ended in lessons learned. If I can do one more beanie with little to no flubber, I will be considering this a happy ending.