This week has been rough. We both got burned out with our delivery job and took some time off. Then I had a nasty allergic reaction to something. I haven’t pinpointed the culprit that is causing my skin to rash up and break into hives. If I take generic Benedryl for it for two days, it clears up for a couple of weeks. The allergy medication makes me ultra-drowsy, so we missed a couple of days because I was dozing off instead of navigating as I should. So we’ve been getting a little tight on our budget.

With a little of my stimulus check, however, I purchased a new digital camera. I can’t wait for Monday to get here, so I get to test the camera out. I’m hoping we can take a little trip to one of our lakes on Tuesday. Mondays B. works on his music with his musician friend, and we take Tuesdays off. It helps with the burnout at the job. Tuesday is probably the slowest day of the week at work anyway.

I only have one completed phone wallpaper made this week. I am still working on the green beanie B. suggested I make. Hopefully, since I am feeling better, I will pick up on my projects again. I am grateful that all of you are still visiting my site. So, thank you.