It’s finally over. The saga of the commissioned beanie has come to an end after much trial and error, tears and toil. Today was the day I met with H., the gentleman who requested I make a beanie just like my husband’s. He was so casual and laid-back about how long it took me to produce a finished product. I keep all the crochet projects in a storage bin inside the trunk of our car now. It’s in case someone says, “Where can I get a hat like that?” I have purses and other items in there also, just in case.

So I bet you are wondering how things went with H. Very well. We met in public at a local convenience store. While we showed up early, H. was already there. He recognized us right off the bat when he walked up to our car. We said our hellos and went over to the trunk. I handed him both black beanies so he could try them on. H. chose the Caron Simply Soft beanie. While it was a little tight, it will stretch over time. In a minute or so, he was lightly bouncing the beanies in his hand a little. Then he asked me, “How much for both?”. I was so joyful at that moment that suddenly, all that trouble tied to this project just melted away. I wanted to see his reaction to the white hat. So I pointed it out to him. The white had was in the Herrschners Worsted 8. So essentially, he chose both styles of yarn. I was so ecstatic to see him impressed with the beanies that I knocked 5 dollars off the price of each hat. The low price made his day, and he made mine.

So I completed another rasta beanie with green as the dominant color. For the band this time, I used four rows of half double crochet instead of five single. My husband loves it and wants it for himself. He was right about his prediction that H. would choose the Caron Simply Soft, and It was his suggestion to make a white beanie (Herrschners). I am not sure if I will give him this one just yet, I find it hard not to give him what he wants. If I have enough yarn, I will make another one. What a good feeling. The turtle won the race.