It’s been three days since my last post. Time slips by me all of the time, especially when I have crashed again and sleep forever just to try and catch up. I may have a mild bug or allergies because I usually just need a regular night’s sleep after a manic phase. I’m usually refreshed after getting a full 8 hours of sleep. But I’ve felt nauseous in the mornings after I eat breakfast, accompanied by a headache. I call them mini-migraines. I think it’s allergies, this being spring and all.

During my internet silence, I did remain productive. It was not as much as I do on my routine days, but I am grateful for what I managed to do. I have three new phone wallpapers that are part of a theme. I may offer them as a set. I have not made a listing for wallpaper sets on Etsy before, so it will be a good experiment. I told you that I finished a green beanie before my lapse in blogging. Now I am almost done with a red one. There are some variations on the brim of each one, and they are different from the original beanies I did on commission. I have one row left on the red beanie.

The moon is waxing right now, so theoretically, I should be in a very productive phase. Maybe I am out of sync with the universe right now. Maybe allergies just threw me out of my orbit. Maybe I ran out of things to say for a little while. We all go through literary droughts now and again. Thank you for listening to me whine a bit.