Writing used to be my forte. Now I struggle with writing and have to use an editor to write decently. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately, yet that does not mean I haven’t been creating as well. There are twelve new phone wallpapers under my belt, in three sets. Each set has its own color theme, light/white one, an earth-tone theme, and a blueish bright colored theme. Crochet-wise, I’ve been trying to find some good coaster patterns. I found one that I’ve been making practice runs on. I like it, but the original crochet pattern may have called for a lighter-weight yarn. They are coming out huge, even after going a step down on the hook size. I had my own coaster pattern, though I have not located it yet. I needed a break from crocheting beanies.

So when I get the phone wallpaper screenshots organized, I will create some posts where you will get to see them. Aside from the digital art frenzy and getting sleep, I find myself getting back to a daytime routine while still creating somehow. I had my first Covid19 vaccination today. My arm is not sore yet, but I am a little sleepy, but there are no other side effects as of yet. We went to CVS, where B. and I went in together. The nurses got us through the line quickly, then they had us sit down for 15 minutes to monitor for allergic reactions. Quick and painless, I did not feel the shot at all. I still have mixed feelings about receiving the vaccination, am mostly worried about having adverse effects down the line. That is all that’s going on in my world right now. Hope you all are doing well.