I saved my favorite collection out of the three for last. Neo is used in combination with another word that translates to new. One example of this is neolithic. The phone wallpapers I created for this collection are pretty, positive energy, and light. The candy collection posted first represented the light peeking out from the darkness. The earthly set represented grounding influences to help gather strength. This last collection in the series represents a rebound into the light again. It portrays my feelings of being refreshed.

When I take care of myself, get sleep, proper nutrition, and stay hydrated, it is easier to swing back down from my manic states. My entire life has been like this, periods of idleness followed by periods of great activity. Sleep a lot for a few days, and then get little to no sleep. I do what I can to ease the ups and downs by trying to take better care of myself. The reward is that I get more done. This especially applies to crochet and avoiding pulling apart stitches to backtrack on a mistake.

Of the three collections, I like the Neo collection best. I just find them uplifting and light-hearted. This collection, along with the others, can be purchased in my Etsy Shop.