Look up, I look up at night

Planets are moving at the speed of light

Climb up, up in the trees

Every chance that you get

Is a chance you seize

How long am I gonna stand

With my head stuck under the sand?

I’ll start before I can stop

Before I see things the right way up

Speed of Sound – Coldplay

The week flew by fast. Heck, this whole year so far has gone so fast it’s a blur. The week before, I created a bunch of phone wallpapers, a set of eight coasters. The week before that, I crocheted two more beanies. This week I spent most of my time preparing all of my creations for listings. I still need to show everyone on the internet all of my newest crochet items. I still need to take pictures of everything. Creating an Etsy Store is hard work and time-consuming. With so much to do, time slips past. I know I’m not standing still, but I am slow like a turtle or snail. It can be frustrating knowing that keeping up is a struggle.

My father tried to prepare me for my later years when I was still in high school. He told me to make the most out of my time. Because before you know it, you will be 80, and it’s all over. He warned me that time will go by so fast, your kids will grow up in the wink of the eye. I tried to heed this warning, but life happened, and time is getting away. I met my husband three years ago, been married two. It feels like one. When I die, I will probably become a ghost who is in denial. One of my frequent phrases is “wait for me.”

I know that I am not alone. Weeks will go by without hearing from a friend or family member, and “that happened a week/month ago” pops up in the conversation when catching up. Random strangers bring up how they were doing certain things and before they knew it, time got away from them. My favorite coming from grandparents to be is ‘Yesterday he/she was the baby in diapers.’ The topic of time passing goes through my head often. I wonder if I’m merely impatient or if this panic is a product of realizing I literally can’t afford to be patient. It’s 1:30 am, and time has slipped away again. It was only 11:00 pm a half-hour ago. I’ve been crocheting, watching/listening to Netflix, and of course, working on the blog.