I know you all have been holding your breath for the presentation of my new coaster set. Not really, right? It’s o.k. that you weren’t, but I am glad you are here now to see them now. Coasters are a fun, portable, and quick project to crochet. Our home has a very lived-in look, and coasters disappear a lot, so I find relief in the idea that I can whip another one up fast when they vanish. Most of the time, I use misfit coasters for our home. You know those coasters with a missed stitch or a stray one made as a test run on scrap yarn. There’s a Christmas one from scraps in the living room as we speak.

I crocheted these coasters in reggae colors. I made a set of 8 coasters in two each, of red, gold, green, and black. I was looking through free patterns online and found one that was a bit different. The coaster pattern is from K.A.M.E. Crochet and is called the Athelas Coaster. I struggled a little with the pattern size-wise as I think the yarn used was different. I came down a few hook sizes, perhaps to a D hook, before the project came out to be the correct size. The original pattern called for an H hook. While the size of the coaster should have been 4.33″, mine came out as nearly 7″. The project itself was enjoyable and did not feel like it took that long.

Reggae Althelas Coaster