I feel blessed that I live in a smaller tri-city area, where we are surrounded by desert mountain forests, with a few lakes dispersed here and there. Climate change is apparent in the receding water lines at the lakes. I took a trip out to Lynx lake with B. a week or so ago, and I took some photos with my new camera. It was nice to watch the ducks and people fishing, walking their dogs, kayaking, and hiking. I enjoyed the fresh air and beauty of the surroundings.

It makes me reflect upon the importance of having a place to go that offers serenity or a place to have a picnic outside of the home, especially after all this pandemic quarantine, being cooped up for months on end. We used to go to a lake several times a month before Covid-19. Last month is the first time we’ve got to enjoy the great outdoors. We like to visit the lake on the weekdays. The number of people that are out there is lower compared to weekends.

If you live in a big city, far from the natural world, I hope that you can find a park or small lake where you can escape every once in a while. Maybe you do not live in a city at all, just a little town. If so, I hope you feel more blessed, and know I am jealous.