I have this book that came with these cards that have the Dalia Lama’s quotes on them. The snippets of wisdom on the cards translate to a Christian standpoint easily by tieing it to a bible verse. These cards are good to meditate on sometimes, depending on my ability to focus. Today’s card had the following quote:

The true test of honoring Buddhas or God is the love one extends to fellow humans.

-Dalai Lama

I agree with this quote 100%. I think this quote especially applies to the bad drivers on the road that we encounter every day. It is so easy to cuss someone out. Maybe we do it for cutting in front of us or looking at their phone when the light turns green at an intersection. Usually, after someone cuts us off, we make a similar mistake sometime later. None of us are perfect, and a lot of us have unique situations that we experience day-to-day. I want to try just forgiving the driving etiquette faux pas and say, “oh well.” Perhaps it can reduce my angry and negative emotions that blow out of proportion.

A grander application to this theory extends its call to bring love to all human interaction by expressing love and goodwill through kind deeds or empathy. Love for each other is what our higher power would want for us all, acceptance and love. That higher power is honored when we reflect His ultimate form and influence. I believe that this also extends to the concept of loving one’s self as well.

If we grasp the idea that we are not worthy of love, it is hard to have much love for others. So start by telling oneself that you are a good person. Looking for our strengths and our ability to persevere through difficult situations. Most of us are more resilient than we realize when we look back at how we lived through difficult situations. One can use their experience to try easing someone else out of their darkness by relating a personal experience to theirs. Anything I can do to make at least one person’s life a day a little brighter by showing love and caring will put more light in my life as well. I believe this will work for most everyone.