Last week was a productive one regarding the creation of six new phone wallpapers. Five out of six of these creations have recent photos taken at the lake and my crochet projects. The other one is going along with my space theme, there being many types of space. I will give you a brief description of each wallpaper.

I took some photos of a duck at Lynx Lake recently. The duck was right was fairly close. I gave this duck image a painting effect overlayed by the original photo at a lower opacity.
This image is also from the lake, taken by aiming up. I also applied a painting effect to the pine tree wallpaper and adjusted the color for a green color.

The third wallpaper with an image from the lake also used a painting effect, followed by a photo effect to make the wallpaper look vintage. The result is abstract, and you need to look for the trees, rocks, water, and grass.
Next up are two phone wallpapers that originated from two different crochet projects. I derived this wallpaper image from a photo of the Red Rasta Slouchy Beanie. You can see the stitches in both wallpapers if you look closely. For this one, I used distortion and reflection effects, also a sketch effect.
The next crochet-themed wallpaper used a photo of some potholders I am going to post about soon. I applied a half-tone artistic effect, changed the polar coordinates, among other scripts and adjustments.

The final wallpaper for last week carries my space theme through again. I can’t remember how many effects I used. I love how the colors came out against the dark background.

As always, these phone wallpapers and many others are available at my Etsy Shop for $1.25 apiece.