If an individual has a calm state of Mind,

that person’a attitudes and views will be calm

and tranquil even in the presence of great agitation.

~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Here is the quote from my second of the Dalia Lama’s words of wisdom cards. Oh, how I wish I could be calm during times where a situation is agitating. This quote brings to mind the Star Trek series, where there is always a logical, calm, cool, and collected Vulcan around to tell us to reign in our emotions and adopt logic. I’ve always liked the Vulcans. There is a lot to say for having one’s emotions under control.

I have a temper that simmers on a subject for a while, then suddenly erupts into a fit of anger. These tantrums happen a lot when we are out driving–or I am dealing with certain alcoholic relatives. You know those sloppy drunks who won’t get out of your face and can’t form cohesive sentences but think they are witty and charming. This anger can last for hours. After I think it sputtered out, I will have a mini fit.

How do I overcome it? Well, I haven’t figured that out quite yet. I know taking a few minutes to deep breathe before the things that agitate me occur help to set a more positive tone for the day. I visualize taking in white positive energy and exhaling grey and black negative energies. If I practice these exercises before the start of my shift, or when I know that inebriated relative is heading my way, it helps me find a more positive twist on the situation. I need to learn how to breathe through bad situations while they are occurring.

An additional method for obtaining a calm state of mind that sometimes works is to try to look at a situation from another individual’s perspective. The relative I write about here has been through some pretty heart-breaking events in their life. When I think about and empathize with what they’ve been through, I can understand why they would be how they are. Or when something goes wrong while we are delivering an order, stopping to think about it from another angle. For instance, what would I change about my communication or how to go about things differently next time.

I am far from perfect. I strive to overcome my temper. I remain in hopes of achieving a good level of calmness and improving my reactions. Staying calm does not come easily for me. I believe it is possible, though.