While working on current crochet projects, I’ve been digging out some of my works from last year. I came across a set of potholders that were not gifted or sold yet. This potholder is The Best Crocheted Potholder Pattern, that’s the title, and it’s true in my opinion. I made one set for my mother and two sets for our household. They are very thick and work great for both the oven and stovetop. If you are a crocheter who can sit down and focus, you could probably whip this potholder out in an hour or two. It takes me several days because I get bored working on one thing for too long and need to switch to other projects. I believe I used Lily’s Sugar and Cream cotton yarn for this particular set and the recommended H hook.

I am new to selling yarn crafts. Most of what I make is gifted to family and friends. I have sold some water bottle holders, plastic bag holders, and two slouchy beanies. I haven’t posted many crochet listings on Etsy because I haven’t researched pricing well enough. Selling your work (listing on Etsy) is hard for me.

The Best Crocheted Potholders Pattern