Another week has gone by, and I made coasters and four new phone wallpapers. There is a theme to this set. I was browsing through my animal photos, and a few of them called out to me and sparked some inspiration. There is a goose, a cactus wren, a dragonfly, and my cats as subjects. I make my artistic phone wallpapers both from photos and from scratch. Sometimes I think using photographs is easier because you have a base from which to start. Other times, starting from a blank slate may be challenging but more rewarding because I have to work harder at them. So without further ado, I present to you my wallpapers for the week. 

The Goose 01

We visited Watson lake near our home last summer, and I took some photos of the many geese and ducks on or near the shore. Some of the geese came up close to our picnic table in hopes of getting some Geesey snacks. With few of them, I focused solely on taking headshots. For this goose photo, I applied a stained glass effect with some tone mapping and lighting effects. 

The Cactus Wren

I took the base photograph for this phone wallpaper 12-13 years ago, I believe. I was staying with my Aunt at her rental home in San Felipe, Mexico. It was early morning, and I spotted this little beauty near her nest in a saguaro cactus. It’s one of my favorite pictures, so I thought I would create some digital art from it. Like many of my creations, I used a painting effect underlying the original image brought down in opacity. I also used a semi-transparent gradient to change the hue of the wallpaper.

The Dragonfly 03

Dragonflies are one of my favorite insects, so much so that when I was moving to another state, my then best friend and I got dragonfly tattoos together before I left. One of their symbols is freedom. This wallpaper is my third dragonfly-based theme. The base photograph image came from Lynx lake with ducks in the distance, taken recently. I used a variety of distortion and reflection effects with some picture tube dragonflies.

Reese and Vincent

My Sister adopted Vincent in the early 2000s when her roommates asked her to look after him and never returned. He is about 15 years of age now. My husband B. wanted to get a chihuahua, but the pain of losing my dear pup Gracie 7 years ago is still fresh in my heart. One of his friend’s cats had kittens, and he asked her if there was a tiger one. At first, I said no, but B. pulled a dirty trick and showed me a video of him. Somehow I knew that Reese was already his cat and consented. Their relationship is a Garfield/Nermal one. Every once in a while, Vincent will allow Reese to cuddle. I used a painting and some fiber optic effects with this wallpaper. 

I hope you enjoyed these phone wallpapers, and as usual, you can find them in My Etsy Shop for $1.25 each.