I haven’t been working on any crochet projects this week. I still haven’t decided what I wish to make with the yarn that I have. Instead of showing off a project, I thought I would showcase one of my favorite online free crochet patterns and tutorial sites. This site Meladora’s Creations, owned by a lady named Candy. If you read her About Me page, you will learn how she overcame the rough conditions of her early life that lead her to the point where she is at today. About five or six years ago, I decided to pick up my old part-time hobby of crochet. It had been so long since I’d done anything with yarn arts that I felt like a beginner. I guess I never really kept up with it long enough to be anything but a beginner, and I still think that I am in some ways. The first project I decided to try at this point was The Cluster Stitch Beanie, found on her website and YouTube. Meladora’s Creations has so many different free patterns, some of which you can purchase in .PDF format. Below is a picture of The Cluster Stitch Beanie that I crochet from both the written pattern and video tutorial.

Meladora’s Creations Cluster Stich Beanie