Well, I’ve created another four phone wallpapers last week and added them to my Etsy Shop. The previous set I made utilized photos I took from both the past and present. With this set, I did not use photographs at all. Instead, I used preset shape tools. I also used some of my usual effects: bubble effects, some painting effects, and various distortion and reflection effects. I was in a few different moods and emotions when I created these works.

I felt a little dark when I created Edgar, so I named this piece after the famous poet Edgar Allen Poe. It was what I imagined Lenore would look like as a ghostly figure. It is also part of my space theme, and so my Etsy listing describes it as Si-Fi. Kind of out there, right?

Happy Bubbles 02
When I made Happy Bubbles 02, I was in a cheerful mood. The background reminded me of an amplifier, and I envisioned the bubbles as the notes coming out of it. With the next set I create, I intend to listen to music when I work and see what inspiration comes from it.

Dancing Stars
I was also in a good mood when I created this one, and I imagined a sea of stars dancing to the music in Happy Bubbles 02. I was also in an uplifted mood when I was working on this phone wallpaper.

I watch a lot of Star Trek television shows with Netflix. Currently, B. and I are making our way through Star Trek Voyager, but I thought of the Enterprise series when I created this one. Mainly because the warp speed of the Enterprise was limited during the time frame of this series.