I like to crochet hats, coasters, water bottle holders, grocery bag holders, and purses. I also enjoy crocheting baby blankets and potholders. I have discovered that I don’t enjoy crocheting full-size afghans or large projects. Last summer, I came across a mini-purse pattern at a website called Toma Creations. When I made this purse, I did not put a lining in it. I modified the top of the mini-purse to accommodate buttons with a few rows of half-double crochet instead of a zipper. I avoid sewing because I am bad at it.

Toma Creations is a site run by a person named Tamara. Her site offers free crochet patterns. The site is searchable, so it is easy to determine if Toma Creations has a particular type of pattern. TC also has some Amigurumi patterns. I want to make an amigurumi doll or animal for my granddaughter, but I have this strange semi-phobia about trying to tackle this genre of crochet. So I keep browsing patterns at various blogs and websites in hopes of finding one so compelling that I absolutely must try it. I’m drawn to a few amigurumi patterns out there. Toma Creations has one of them. I am crocheting right now, but it’s just the same old easy slouchy beanie.