I had come across a few blogs where artists used music as an influence during the creation of artwork. In the past, I would listen to music as I worked on art projects, and this practice was part of the normal process for me. My art took a hiatus because I had a creative block for several years due to depression. Recently, I created some CD covers for my husband’s band, and it helped that I was in my office while they were performing their music, and I worked on the covers. It didn’t occur to me to play music for the rest of my work. So as an experiment, I decided to pull up iTunes and randomly scroll, without looking, to an artist in my collection. From there, I would listen to the band’s music and create some wallpapers. This musical journey is where the random selections took me artistically with these four new wallpapers. If you click on the album names, it will take you to Spotify, and you can either sign up or use your existing account. As usual, you may purchase these phone wallpapers in my Etsy Shop.

Amy Winehouse
Back To Black 2007

Amy Winehouse had a tragic history of substance abuse that affected her ability to perform live or create more music due to a fatal overdose. Needless, her voice, and music are brilliant. As I listened to the tracks on Back To Black, this tragic aspect of her career was all I thought about when listening. This wallpaper represents the darker side of both Amy Winehouse and of stardom.

“They tried to make me go to rehab, and I said no, no, no.

Amy Winehouse, Rehab

Pleasure Victim 1982

Pleasure Victim by Berlin came out in 1982, and I discovered this album in 1986-1987. While somewhat dark and steamy, this album has that frantic 80’s energy. So I used bright primary colors and a feedback effect. If you look closely, you can see a hint of a metro train in homage to the song The Metro.

I remember searching for the perfect words. I was hoping you might change your mind.

Berlin, The Metro

A Rush Of Blood To The Head 2002

You know a good band when listening to them sends you back to particular points in your life. Coldplay always touches on happy yet bittersweet times. Yellow was the first Coldplay song I heard. For this phone wallpaper, I went with the signature cool atmospheric sounds the band produces. The result is a blueish mandala-like design with hints of yellow.

God gave you style. God gave you grace. God put a smile upon your face.

Coldplay, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Hopes And Fears 2004

I do not recall this band very well, and I like how they sound, but the lyrics are full of angst. These songs are beautiful. The vocalist’s voice is so sweet and heavenly, but the lyrics are all about tragic relationships. So I focused on the light musical stylings but added a gate to represent the lyrics’ interference.

You’ll knock on my door, and up, we’ll go. In the white light, I don’t think so. But what do I know?

Keane, Your Eyes Open