Developing a kind heart does not involve any of the sentimental religiosity normally associated with it. It is for everyone, irrespective of race, religion, or political affiliation. It is for anybody who considers themselves a member of the human family.

His Holiness the Dalia Lama

To be a kind person, you do not have to be steeped in a particular religious tradition. Having an established spiritual practice may facilitate kindness automatically. If you do not affiliate with a religious tradition, that is perfectly acceptable. You just need to decide you want to be a kinder thus a better person. Anybody who participates in kindness has a right to do so because they are human beings. Practicing kindness transcends our differences and puts us on common ground. For someone who is self-absorbed, having a kind heart may not come naturally. It takes one individual to show a person like this a little kindness. That individual could be struggling for so long without any help or guidance. A single act of kindness may pull a struggling soul out of their troubles. Just as smiles are contagious, I believe being kind is contagious as well. I know that I sometimes get swallowed up in my hardship and woe until someone gives me an encouraging word or simply lends an ear so that I can vent. For me, all it takes is something positive from an outside source. I am often surprised when I am being disagreeable, and kindness is shown to me. A kind-hearted person can help pull me out of my funk, and I am more open towards returning that kindness to somebody else who needs it. So, be kind. Be kind until it is embedded in your heart and permeates your essential being. By displaying kindness, you will achieve peace in the satisfaction of making another person’s day better and spreading kindness to others from one random act.