I want to tell you about one of the most helpful crochet projects I’ve done. The project is a grocery bag sleeve (holder). We used to have a ton of bags under our kitchen sink, spilling out every time we went for a cleaning product or tall kitchen bag. That ended once I found the free pattern on Salty Pearl Crochet. I could not find it when I went back, but I found it in their Ravelry shop for a very reasonable price. Salty Pearl Crochet has plenty of free patterns, some tutorials, and crochet-a-longs. There are patterns for sale on Etsy and Ravelry as well.

Stacked Shells Grocery Bag Sleeve

I made the Stacked Shells Grocery Bag Sleeve with a few different yarns. The one shown in the picture I made with 4ply cotton. I did modify the pattern by using an elastic hair tie (without the metal clamp) to make the bottom hole stretch. This one holds 10-15 plastic grocery bags. When it got full, we used to take the extra bags back to the grocery store. That changed with Covid19. Now we have to throw them away. I once came across a rug pattern crocheted out of the bags. If anyone knows of this pattern, please comment to tell me where.