As usual, I’ve been working on my wallpapers and crocheting easy slouchy beanies. B has gigs coming up all weekend, and he wants me to bring along my finished crochet projects to try and sell. That’s straying from the subject a bit, which is phone wallpapers. I was listening to music to a few of these pieces. There was one in which I did not. The music varied greatly in genres, which set different moods. I’m frustrated a little because usually, there is a clear favorite for me, but there are two that I can’t decide between them.

Bubble Clones
I derived this phone wallpaper from a photograph of B. with Fain Lake behind him. The two main effects used in this piece were geometric and artistic scripts. This wallpaper is the one where I was not listening to music.

I was listening to an Americana band called Wilco for this one. I call it Outtaside after a song on the album entitled “Outtasite Outtamind.” I think this piece has a country-ish feel. I used several reflection effects to accomplish this look.

The music centered around this piece came from the band Talking Heads. The band is from the ’80s and ’90s, and again, I found myself using bright, bold colors. I drew shapes and used a paintbrush, then included a few artistic effects with this phone wallpaper.

Send Pain Below
The band Chevelle was the main inspiration for this work. I would say they are a hard rock band, and I wasn’t that familiar with them. The band made quite an impression, and this work finished out strong. I used a pattern as my base and several painting effects with illumination effects as well.

Thank you for taking this short journey with my latest creations. As usual, all wallpapers are available in my Etsy Shop.