Well, I am back from a very long holiday weekend and a hectic week. That’s not to say I forgot to find time for some creativity and productivity. I managed to complete another beanie and four fresh phone wallpapers. The inspiration for this set was a pattern background. I used the same pattern for each work with varying scales. Two of them came out darker, and two were lighter. I suppose that means I was on an even keel last week. These wallpapers are for sale in my Etsy Shop for $1.25 each.

This medium to light gray abstract piece has spots of color entwined in the abstract shapes.(buy me here)

Glass Gravel
This one is dark, with rich, dark purples and greens. Some of the shapes remind me of glass and gravel. Hence the name. (Buy me here)

On the second of the darker half, there are still some beautiful colors shining through. It is helpful to stay optimistic even during troubled times. (Buy me here)

Peaches N Cream
This one came out quite different than the others. I honestly cannot recall what was going through my mind when I created this one. It’s something that I am pleased with, in the end. (Buy me here)