It has been difficult for me to post every day for the last few weeks. I haven’t crocheted much either. What I did accomplish is the creation of four new wallpapers. For this set, the inspiration was classical music. I listened to Andres Segovia play Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Chopin, all being among the most popular of what I heard. The variety of styles and sounds of these artists resonated in my work. None of the phone wallpapers from this set share a common theme or color. As usual, you can purchase these wallpapers at my Etsy Shop for $1.25.

Classic 01 Buy Here
I enjoy the bright colors, and the busy, hectic feel in this piece captured some of the more chaotic sounds I heard. I achieved these festive-like effects using some artistic, distortion, reflective effects with one of the AI Effects scripts.

Classic 02 Buy Here
This work represents the lighter, softer side of some of the concertos I was listening to at the time. The gold music notes serve as obvious hits to this week’s theme. I’m trying to remember all the effects I used, but they are probably the same ones I usually rely on for creating.

Classic 03 Buy Here
This masculine phone wallpaper intends to represent the multitude of instruments used in most classical songs you think of in this genre. The “instruments” are performing in harmony, and the colors symbolize the sound levels. I used reflective and geometric effects mainly.

Classic 04 Buy Here
The colors in this are rich, much like how a classical song usually feels. There are hints of gold, heavenly whispy white ribbons, and predominant reds. I used a plug-in and mostly reflective effects.