Hello everyone. Crochet is one of my hobbies, as you all know. How many of you modify patterns you find? How many of you have just started something, experimented with some learned stitches, and wound up with a new custom pattern? I am only and beginning or intermediate crocheter. There are many times where I start with a free crochet pattern that I find, and I will change things in ways that work better for me. When I occasionally document the modifications, I don’t share the modified project without crediting and linking to the original pattern. Nor do I sell the modified crochet pattern as an original work.

There are times when I write a crochet pattern for a project I’ve started. I thought I had deleted them on accident or hidden them on an older device that I no longer had. Some of these patterns have started coming out of hiding. My coaster pattern was one, so I tested it and then posted it here on my blog. I am selling it on Etsy for people who wish to download it.

Tonight I found a purse pattern, which I created over a year ago. I let my sister pick her birthday present out of about ten purses I crocheted. She chose the only sample of one of my originals. Can you imagine how ecstatic I was when I came across the pattern again? Good ole’ Google Drive. If only I knew how to send things to the correct folders. At any rate, I can test the pattern out now and fix it up and get it ready for all of you to enjoy. It may take me a while to execute this, but I was so excited about finding the written pattern that I had to let you know of my plans. Have a great time of day where you are.