Do you constantly search for new ideas and free crochet patterns? I bet you do, and I do too. The site I present today isn’t among my top ten, but it does have enough pattern-y goodness to merit a post. The free pattern site I found was All Free Crafts They are a multi-craft site that offers free crochet and knitting patterns. All Free Crafts also offers projects like candle-making and homemade gift ideas. Granted, I did come across one hooded scarf pattern posted in 2015 that no longer worked. However, I found a free accessory pattern for cute moccasins that makes me feel the need to revisit the site later. Another thing about the website that I am intrigued by is the vintage pattern section. I have not seen this category on other websites yet. Plus, if I need a break from crocheting, I am heading over to All Free Crafts for some options. Maybe in time for Christmas.