I last posted about a site worth visiting called All Free Crafts. It did not make my favorites list, however. What I do want to share is one of my absolute favorites is a website called All Free Crochet. This site has countless free patterns, video tutorials to accompany crochet patterns, free ebooks, giveaways, and even a blog.

The site is so well-organized that they even have a section for free patterns by crochet hook size. All Free Crochet is an extensive and valuable resource that any crochet enthusiast must bookmark and visit constantly. I found it around six or seven years ago when I started to delve back to the crochet world again.

All Free Crochet is updated consistently, interactive, and my only complaint is that there is a video ad in the bottom right corner that does not have a close option. It’s not the fact that there are ads on the page that bugs me. It’s the way it is constantly changing, and there are two other ads on the page itself that change. So basically, it’s lit up like Las Vegas in the corner.