I worked very hard last week, with lots of trial and error, experimentation, and persistence, to bring up this set. When I work on my wallpapers, I start one, and when I get stuck, I switch to another. I do not do this past four wallpapers in progress. This process works well (for me) because it postpones saving until I am satisfied the results are just right. With my four projects going, I can prevent creator’s block and even find inspiration for one of the ones put aside for the moment. With this set, I was experimenting with a new (to me) instant effect called glow. Of course, other photo effects and plug-ins were used, along with brushes and picture tubes. And as usual, you can purchase them in my Etsy Shop for $1.25 each.

June 12 01 Buy me here!
This wallpaper reminds me of a bright fiesta with happy dancing colors. I imagine that it could be a design for a blanket or a flag. The background was originally a pattern style. I used some foil and edge effects. The other effect I mentioned was the glow effect.

June 12 02 Buy me here!
This phone wallpaper design reminds me of something a young person would put on their phone. It’s cheerful, seems to include the colors of the rainbow, and as a bonus, has stars. The work also has a graffiti-like feel. Can you tell I used the reflection effects?

June 12 03 Buy me here!
I love the blueish purple and just overall richness and floral qualities of this conglomeration of blues, with spots of gold and purples. This design started with a pattern and a paintbrush effect. It ended with the glow effect.

June 12 03 Buy me here!
This design has a neat, sophisticated, and classic look. I used a paper background then added carnations with some reflection effects, more carnations, and some shadows. There’s that glow effect also.