I post about a lot of my reflections on spiritual and inspirational quotes. I want to post about a special event that does not happen very often. This occasional occurrence always leaves me in a relaxed and much better mood. The event I am referring to is Diablo night with my sister. Diablo is a video game where one slays demons, monsters, and the undead. How can someone who writes about spirituality play violent video games? Easily. Video games are an escape, and I don’t play them very often. When J. and I get together, we play all night long into the early morning hours. When I am playing, I am not focused on any of my life stressors. I am not thinking about finances when playing. I am focusing on my quests. I imagine all my negativity or hostility releasing itself through the gameplay. But just taking a night’s vacation from everyday concerns is exhilarating afterward. I get to enjoy the company of my sibling, catching up, laughing, enjoying a glass of wine, giving and receiving support and honest feedback, and of course, playing the game. And as a hero, we get to face and slay Diablo on one level during the game. Another reason I play these kinds of games is I figure everyone has a touch of darkness in them. If they didn’t, there would be no balance in place. I try to release my inner darkness through a favorite mode of escape instead of on other people. I believe for most people, inner darkness is more like being in a bad mood and taking it out on someone who didn’t deserve it. I do not have a lot of darkness, but I prefer to send the dark to an imaginary world. Gaming isn’t for everyone, but it works much like screaming into a pillow.