Well, I made it twelve days on and two off this time. I’ve been so busy. Earlier this week, we had to admit an immediate relative to a behavioral health hospital. My family (immediate and extended) members have a lot of mental illnesses. The relative in question is having a major manic episode with psychosis. He went in on Monday and maybe released tomorrow. I am afraid for him because his delusional fantasies are violent and disturbing. He needs extensive help with learning to strike out on his own with limited resources. He’s burning his bridges with family members who are trying to help him out.

I did get in a brief Diablo session with my sister. She is the one helping the relative out right now. Playing the game and having good company away from my house seemed to help to ease my worrying. I was so relaxed by the end of the night that I fell asleep playing early. Two a.m. is early for us. The next day we had our routine “sleeping” day. My husband and I get so exhausted by the end of our week that we spend at least one day a week catching up on sleep.

Then I found a new platform for selling my phone wallpapers. I researched it a bit and have decided to trust the company. Since I need to test it out a bit first, I’m not bothering to name the company until I know enough to recommend them or not to other artists. When I decide this, I will write a review post to let everyone know how legitimate it is. In the meantime, I’ve been setting up the products in the store.

I’ve not been crocheting lately, simply because I am still fishing around the internet for that one project I simply must try. That’s all the news I have right now. I am struggling to find time and balance for all the activities I created for myself. I am just proud I found a little slice of time to let you know I will try to post more soon.