I know that some of you are probably sick of me whining about how time flies. This time it was in a good way. In my own special sense of time, I was going along at a fast pace. What was really happening was that I lost another week. Le Sigh, as Pepe Le Pew would say. I accomplished a great deal, but as usual, I was so slow. So slow that the time I was going to use to crochet one of my beanies in a different yarn was used up in other places. And for some reason, my house didn’t clean itself like I assumed it would. But I made five new wallpapers and set up 80 product listings in the new sellers’ platform I’m trying. I also had an exceptional gaming night with my sister. Of course, there was work and the week was slower than usual and almost not worth it. This set of five wallpapers have more subdued designs. I don’t have time to write out long descriptions right now. So I will just let the pictures speak, however many words that it likes to you.