Because I do not have a blog dedicated solely to the topic of yarn crafts, and I am not a professional crocheter, I am not in direct competition with any of the sites I share here. I am not an affiliate yet. I just want to support the crochet sites I like so they remain online for many years to come and perhaps help other people who crochet find some new and valuable resources. That said, I am writing about Oombawka Design today.

Oombaka Design has been around for years now. When I started to get back into crochet again, they were one of the sites I frequented for their patterns. Besides hundreds of quality patterns, they have excellent tutorials. One of my favorite parts of the tutorial section is the size charts for hats, scarves, and afghans. I saw a June CAL (crochet-a-long), which seems to be a trendy activity in the yarn craft world.

One final feature of Oombawka Design is that there is a work with me menu option. On this page, Rhondda, the blog creator, invites visitors to become pattern testers. She also invites other designers an opportunity to be guest designers. Finally, she offers designers a chance to advertise their designs through Oombawka Design’s healthy social media following.