Do you ever wonder where a good place to get crochet and knitting patterns for free and purchase online is? When I visit most of my favorite sites, there are two popular craft websites where I see site owners and designers selling their patterns. One website is Etsy, and the other one is a site called Ravelry. I tend to use both Etsy and Ravelry, but I prefer Ravelry because its sole target is yarn crafts.

Ravelry is not just a pattern site. It is somewhat like Facebook for yarn crafters, as it has a community section. The community offers forums, chat, groups for specific designers, crafts, local topics, and more. The website also features a Notebook, with a way to keep inventory on your stash, keep track of projects, view favorite patterns, for starters. The pattern library includes almost half a million yarn craft patterns. It’s not just for crochet and knitting yarn crafts, but other yarn crafts like weaving or spinning as well.

When I signed up with Ravelry a few years ago, there was no charge for doing so. I believe this is still the case. Whether you are just getting started and want to find some good patterns or connect with potential new friends, this platform is one that any yarn crafter should check out for themselves. Personally, I intend to inventory my yarn and tools in the stash and tools part of my notebook.