It’s been six days since my last post. Things have been crazy, cray-cray, and looney tunes. Whatever you want to name it, I tend to call it Big Ole Cluster-frack. I’ve been talking to relatives, all of us trying to cope with the court order of our common loved one. I know that if they can pull themselves out of it, they can have a happier life. There’s a while for that to happen, but I believe it can. So I guess my thoughts and productivity have been a bit shattered lately, and I am just starting to pull it all back together. Please forgive me if this post is a little off.

I’m working on some new wallpapers, thinking about what the next blog post will be. I have two crochet projects in progress, which I want to finish before diving into my first amigurumi unicorn for granddaughter number one. I need to find time for everything, so like many other bloggers’ articles I read, I will follow suit and determine a posting schedule. I am thinking maybe three posts a week on set days of the week. If I feel like it, I may squeeze in an extra post here or there. It’s all about quality, not quantity. This idea is something else I read in various blog posts.

The other thing I’ve missed is getting to read up on my favorite bloggers, view all the photographer’s beautiful pictures, and learn from all the helpful how-to blog articles out there. You all will know I am back by the multitude of likes and smattering of comments I give to posts I especially like. It’s been six days that I’m absent from the WordPress community, and I still find new people who like my articles. This support is encouraging, so thank you all. Just remember that everyone needs to take breaks, take care of you, and you can take care of business.