I think about all the projects I want to get done, whether it’s art, crochet, or writing a blog post. These are the things that currently hold my interest the longest, given my short attention span. I haven’t crocheted in over a week. I keep trying to put aside time for the two projects I am currently working on, but I feel like something or another constantly disrupts my plans. It’s not always easy to remember to do the things I enjoy when in times of sadness or chaos, the best thing might be sitting down for a half-hour to work on a project. I find the practice of stepping away and creating a healthy outlet with which to clear my head is helpful before I go back to coping with life. Taking some time out from stress and emotional conflicts can help me look at these issues from a different perspective. This outcome sometimes helps to come to terms with something or even find resolutions.

It is discouraging when I cannot find the time to do this. Sometimes I find myself drawn to one type of creativity over the others. Sometimes I reach a creative wall with one of my artistic endeavors and then put it aside. When I leave it for too long, it eventually is buried in a depressing project graveyard that is as pathetic as the island of the misfit toys. I lost interest in my phone wallpapers and then became obsessed again. Two crochet projects are waiting to resume again. One of them will get featured on my site as a post, as long as I can stay focused. My biggest fear is that I might get so wrapped up in other things that I go years before enjoying my arts and crafts. It’s happened before. So far, I am doing a decent job of holding on and working on my projects. It’s just taking longer. Please be patient while I work on some kind of schedule, there is a lot to think about.

One of the things I am going to do to ensure my success of living a normal life is to try some schedule planning apps for my Android tablet. I have one that seems interesting. If you have some suggestions for apps that have worked for you I would love to see your comments.