The posts on my site are scarce right now. Usually, you will see individual posts for my weekly phone wallpaper creations. With all the crazy crisis stuff happening right now, I decided that one blog post for the whole month of July is what I have to offer this time around. I will get back to my regular posts for August, hopefully. I am very grateful that I was able to make my goal of 24 phone wallpapers this month. I am relieved to have found enough time to create. Taking that time helped me escape some of the stress happening right now. 

One of the sets I created has marijuana leaves. I’ve been a medical marijuana patient since 2009 in two states. They made it legal for recreational in my current state with the last election. This new law comes with mixed feelings. I mostly have a strict schedule for using my MMJ to treat fibromyalgia, and it helps with anxiety. There’s been a stigma on marijuana, so I usually don’t broadcast that I use it medicinally or otherwise. I think the leaves are pretty, and a friend is cultivating right now and gave me some leaves. I based the rest of my works on colors that spoke to me when I started working on the wallpapers. Without further ado, I present July’s Phone Wallpapers by Astraia Sky Designs. 

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