True enlightenment is nothing but the nature of one’s own self being fully realized.

His Holiness the Dalia Lama, Words of Wisdom Cards.

On occasion, we realize aspects we hadn’t discovered about ourselves that were previously hidden. I recently realized that I can do more on my own than I thought I could when gaming. I know this example sounds pretty shallow. But it boosted my confidence to know that I am closer to my sister’s expertise and skill level than I believed. I thought I was not skilled enough to play by myself but discovered I can play by myself and enjoy it. I do not have to wait for her to have time to play like I thought I needed to. I still prefer to play together because it’s way more fun and quality time for us. But needless to say, I found this realization liberating, and yes, I felt slightly enlightened. The realization in itself that was enlightening is that I can do more than I thought capable of. I also thought I can probably apply this realization to other areas of my life.

I suppose the Dalia Lama’s quote might mean to me personally is that the path to self-realization may be a constant journey. I am not sure I can envision true enlightenment when I discover new things about myself and am surprised constantly. I’m getting older every day, and there are still many things that come to light as I’ve changed over the years. I don’t think the process of self-realization ends until our life does. I believe it may be easier with the help of a higher power. I realize You in me so that I may become fully realized. I suspect that’s how most people would see it.